Somarasa Mulika – 2KG

Single solution for all health problems

Holistic Herbal  –  Nutritional Drink

With More than 250 Macro and Micro Nutrition in combination with nature’s rich herbs.   This is a complete nutrition that a cell requires to rupture, release, regenerate, repair, regrowth and replicate resulting in absolute new healthy cell proliferation.



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Product Name:  Somarasa Mulika

Quantity: 2 KG


This Somarasa is formulated with herbs as base and retaining all other 250+ macro and micro nutrition making it the best combination ever  which boosts the nutrition absorption rate by 100% more. It contains extraordinary dosage of all nutrition and herbs, it contains highest purity level herbs and nutrition.

It has highest purity level of herbal extracts like Ashwagandha ghan, Gokshura ghan, Garcenia, Green Coffee Extract, Coffee extract, Black pepper extract, Mint extract, Cranberry extract, Tulasi extract, Brahmi extract, Coriander extract, Curcumin, Shatavari and list goes on…

Somarasa Mulika is a miracle drink for building robust health.  It contains all the nutrients covering enzymes, vitamins, essential fatty acids, all amino acids etc., numbering over 300 in pure forms.  It is a combination of 37 formulae for a variety of growth factors needed by the body such as Fibroblast Growth factors, Hepatocyte Growth factors, Insulin-like Growth factors, Interleukins, Mechano Growth factors etc produced at different molecular levels.  The Somarasa helps the body to produce all the required peptides for inflammation growth, inflammation response, protein synthesis, cell replication, cell repair, cell detox and many more critical functions.

The peptides produced covers nails, hair, eye and heart.  The latest version of Herbal Somarasa is very effective and the intestines get cleaned within one week of its use.  Somarasa has another important nutrient, Colostrum that helps in building immunity and powerful growth.  Colostrum is required for everyone and of all ages.

Somarasa is formulated with all those nutrients imitating the nature’s nutrition and nutrients from organic source in such a way, when consumed it would elicit burst of energy, youthfulness and glow.

It has more than 250 Macro and Micro nutrition.  It is ultimate nutrition of Anti-Aging and Immortality for which Angles and Demons waged a war through an ethical R & D alchemy process.


Repairs RNA, DNA



Weight management

A holistic & complete nutrition drink for healthy living

It helps dissolve fat & weight management

Daily detox drink

Helps manage diabetes, cholesterol, triglycerides, high blood pressure, cardiac problem, lungs, respiratory problems, fatty liver syndrome, joint problems, arthritis, memory, concentration , digestion, gas problems, hyper acidity, obesity, attention disorders and many more health problems.

Usage and Dosage:

Dissolve half scoop in warm water and boil for 5 to 10 minutes.  Drink once a day preferably in the night.

As each Flavor of Somarasa has its own distinct factors.. Suggest below format of Somarasa usage

  1. Morning     – Drink Somarasa Mango – Orange
  2. Afternoon  –  Drink Somarasa Chocolate flavor
  3. Evening     –  Drink Somarasa Chocolate flavor
  4. Night          –  Drink Mulika Somarasa

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