Sringavera Kesha Shodini (Hair Shampoo)

Ginger Shampoo for hair fall



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Product Name:  Sringavera Kesha Shodini

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The primary reason for hair fall is increased production of 5-Alpha Reductase an enzyme upon excess breakdown of testosterone/estrogen as age progresses or any hormonal imbalance or excess production of androgen and growth hormones.  In Ayurveda aggravated pitta/acid creates excess heat which is re responsible for hair loss because of burnt out roots of hair.  Ginger and onion are known natural hair growth promoters as now scientifically proven that they contain gingerebene and quercetine natural blockers of 5-Alpha reductase.    The research shows EGCG in green tea, MCT’s in coconuts, curcumanoids in turmeric are effective in reducing DHT production.  This shampoo is scientifically formulated with wisdom of ancient science of Ayurveda.


Natural anti microbial for freeing lice and alopecia

Deep cleanse for scalp detox

Effectively prevents hair fall

Supplies essential nutrients

Strengthens hair roots

Promotes hair growth

For thick and black hair

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