Wild Honey from Agumbe

Rare & Purest Honey from wild forest of Agumbe

This honey carries high medicinal  values



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Product Name:   Wild Honey from Agumbe

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This honey is from a dense forest of Malenadu region from Western Ghats mountain range in Karnataka state, India.  This place is called ‘Agumbe’.   This honey is very special and indeed very rare, as it is procured from forest which has plenty of medicinal plants, flowers and trees like Myristica, Eugenia,Ficus, Holigarna and Garcinia .  Hence this forest is called ‘Green Gold’.   Wild honey from such natural rich forest carries highest medicinal values, purity to its core.  This honey is closest to nature.

This region has altogether different Fauna and flora of hot climate, it has highest healing pollen of rose wood and sheesham.  This honey is very helpful in treating arthritis and brain related problem.   It is less sweet with low glycemic load helpful in prevention of diabetic and cardio vascular diseases.  This honey exhibits quality of royal jelly (food for queen bee).

As this honey is very difficult to procure and their availability is very limited in nature, it is priced high compared to other honey.



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