Paripurna Vastra Shodhini – Detergent Liquid

Lemon Fragrance

Detergent Liquid – For all kinds of Washing Machines and Clothes Wash for Front and Top load and Manual

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Product Name:  Paripurna Vastra Shodhini

Quantity:  5 Litres


This Herbal Liquid Detergent is extra penetrating and with extra ordinary surfactant action to uproot the dirt that entangles in to core of threads of fabric. This strong herbal detergent gentle to clothes but makes clothes super white, especially for hands free wash.

It is excellent for washing machines that requires very less liquid.

It can be used as soak and rinse purpose too, for quick cleanse of clothes, where there is no washing machine, no time to use it.


For super white clothes.

Removes dirt from depth.

Gentle to clothes and harsh to stains.

Total stains remover.

Clears all kinds of oil and grease.

Non foaming surfactant for clearing small and big size dirt particles.

For bright, shining and soft clothes.

Herbal based non chemical anti corrosive washing liquid which does not cause wear and tear of the clothes.

Clothes will be nourished.

Natural Digestive Enzyme.


Add liquid liberally.


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