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Dry Organic Cane Jaggery Powder

Natural , Dry Organic Cane Jaggery Powder

Chemical Free



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Product Name: Dry Organic Cane Jaggery Powder

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The traditional wooden ghani crushed sugar cane juice is boiled at slow temperature and heated with the begasse as fuel.  The juice was clarified with herbal clarificant (deola extract) to make light colored concentrate by eliminating impurity in suspension, colloidal and coloring compounds by accumulation.  The juice was then boiled and concentrated to make granules of less than 3mm size.

No chemical added such as citric acid, potassium meta bisulphite and benzonic acid.


  1. Excellent Natural flavor and taste
  2. Repairs joints, lungs and heart
  3. Robust Brain Performance
  4. Prevents Anemia, boosts Hemoglobin
  5. Powerful Antioxidant
  6. Rich in Sucrose, Poor in fructose


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