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White Sesame Oil

Organic first press oil



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Product Name:  White Sesame Oil

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Traditionally Till oil is used for cooking, massaging, Ayurveda treatments,  for performing fire rituals and litting wick based oil lamps.   These sesame seeds are cultivated in Rajasthan where sesame seeds contain two main components of sesame oil in maximum concentration which are called seasmin and sesamolin which are know to lower cholesterol.  In order to preserve these compounds apart from cephalin, the oil should be extracted using only cold pressed at lower pressure extracting only 60% of total oil to avoid sepage of unwanted aromatic compounds.

This oil can be used for all purposes and specially for sacred purposes, as angels all always love this oil in its purest form.

One can see the difference by observing the way wick burns in this oil uninterrupted and unpolluted.

Other benefits:

Increase HDL cholesterol and decrease LDL cholesterol

Decreases triglycerides cholesterol

Excellent for skin, anti fungal , anti allergy

Purifies environment



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