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Organic Greens – 300 grams




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Organic Greens – Quantity (300 grams)


Nature’s best primitive nutrition

The Most Primitive species that have been surviving for millions of years still existing due to their robust nutrition.

These are called Nutrient Dense Species such as sea algae, spirulina, chlorella, phytoplankton’s etc. They contains perfectly balanced macro and micro nutrients and in complete form. They are the best adaptogens, nurtured by nature. These nature greens contains highest levels of Super Oxidase Dismutase, the nature’s most powerful antioxidant. The “Organic Greens” is the product of the carefully engineered biological processes with selective ingredients without any compromise for any nutrient loss, but with enhanced nutrient profile. Like using selected sprout concentrates.  The taste is natural one without any additives, keeping away from any kind of preservatives or added colors.


This product is very helpful for primary detoxification path ways of intra cellular, liver, lymphatic, skin and intestines. Organic Greens naturally increases metabolism and immunity. For highest absorption, natural digestive enzymes added. This product makes you feel lighter and energetic throughout the day.


For wholesome detoxification, take 2 spoons with cold water two to three times a day and for three days. It detoxifies the system. It is powerful antioxidant, it has rich SOD Concentrate and works as anti-inflammatory

If you want to drink it hot , only after you mix it in cold water in the shaker , heat the solution, then it won’t break and tastes good. Effect on your joints and lightness in the body can be felt in a day.


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