Fish Oil – 1000 Softgel

This Fish Oil is from cold waters of nordic seas

TOTOX values less than 5meq/kg shows purity of fish oil &  free from contaminants



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Product Name:  Fish Oil – 1000 Softgel

Quantity:   1000 Softgel


This Fish Oil comes from cold waters of nordic seas.  It is selective blend of wild sardines, wild anchovies and wild salmon. It contains TOTOX values less than 5meq / kg shows purity of fish oil that ensures free contaminants.  This oil does not cause belching etc . Easily digestible.


Naturally contains Vitamin – A, D & E

Boosts mental performance

Removes bad cholesterol

Excellent for fatty liver

Contains highest DHA and EPA in right proportion

Good for arthritis and TB

Dosage:  1 Softgel for congestive heart failure, heart attack,  3 softgels high triglycerides and rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, atherosclerosis, crohn’s disease, cystic fibrosis, epilepsy and more in case of depression


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Weight2000 g