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Kesha, Kaya and Kara Shodini New – 1 ltr

Herbal Hair, Hand and Body Wash



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Product Name:  Kesha, Kaya and Kara Shodini New – 1 ltr

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This is plant and herbal sourced saponins, polysorbates and olate containing synthetic chemical free natural soap solution that is capable of pulling impurities from underneath keratin layer of skin without dehydrating unlike glycerine containing soap solutions.   Its natural lipophyllic and surfactant  with high surface tension can free the surface of skin and hair roots to all kinds of microbes such as viral bacterial and fungal origin besides natural anti microbial properties of these oils.  Natural tocopheraols in this multipurpose wash keeps it soft and fair.  One can immediately notice the freshness and softening.

This multipurpose wash is different from other all in washes used for hair , hand and skin because of its unique buffering action that adjusts naturally to skin pH of 6.5 and 7.5 pH  of hair and 4.5 pH of hand.   This action is achieved by blend of natural essential and aromatic oils with finest scientific understanding of their respective natural chemistry and synergy.

Body wash using this liquid one can feel skin and its purity.  It is formulated purely for detox and purification and keeping moderate foaming properties.  Excess froth or foam or bubbles which mean no much cleanse action exerted.    It does not clog even small openings due to its silky , smoothness free from any chemical additives.   Its naturally moisturizing with those natural oils.


Anti microbial , anti viral, anti bacterial and anti fungal

Contains selective aromatic & pH buffer essential oils

Scientific detox physical and mental impurities

Soft to skin and hair , excellent moisturizer

100% plant saponins and oleates

Makes skin and hair soft

Clears every stain

Hypo Allergic


It can be used for washing of hands any time when required and it can be used as bathing soap or hair wash liquid any time to feel freshness.

Along with this liquid, you can use bathing gloves (use gloves only twice a week) to clean your body.

Note:  Bathing gloves not to be used on face.

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