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Nidramrutham (Sleep Elixir) 2 Kg





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Product Name:  Nidramrutham (Sleep Elixir) 2 Kg

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Every biological system is controlled by working and non working periods, called day time and night time classified as cortisol and melatonin periods, while cortisol period is designed for sympathetic activity melatonin period called night is designed for para sympathetic activity. While day is used to design to use this human as vehicle, night is designed for its complex maintenance by secreting growth hormones, immune protecting hormones IGF 1, 2, cell detoxification processes to accomplish in totally relaxed catoboliic state. Any disorder of sleep affects all aspects of human health, specially metabolic disorders or inflammatory or lifestyle disorders, such as diabetes, hyper tension, obesity, constipation, menstrual disorders, memory, foggy mind, reactive mind, etc. This product is pure herbal product preparation based on the Tibetan system that carried from India in 6th century, the proven sciences of Ayurveda.



One full scoop 30 grams in warm water one hour before going to bed.

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