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Product Name: VN Customised 100 D Mattress

Quantity:    1

Measurement:  Available as per your bed size


When we lie down, every part of the body is close to the centre of gravity as it brings highest conservation.  The largest area of centre of mass close to centre of gravity , so that mind goes in to deep sleep state.

The mattress should have 3 layers. The bottom layer should be 6-8 inches and specification of 100 D made with only rubberised coconut coir.  The middle layer is 40 D, and the top layer will be a cover of 6 mm – 8 mm high quality soft cover. The top 1 inch is for absorbing your body curvature with a total mattress height of 7- 8 inches. Higher curvature than one inch is not good, and the bottom layer of 100 D is the most important. 

This is only the mattress that is an actual mattress, and the expected cost is 25,000 INR only available for Indians , because of high costs of  transportation involved for abroad. Anything less than that indicates compromised material. 

Among those who manufacture this 100 D rubberised coconut coir , only Kerala based govt. Company is only genuine as they use best quality two year old coir, so that it won’t shrink later.

It is far superior to the orthopaedic beds that are available in the market, which have a maximum of 80 D. 

The 100 D mattress solves cardio respiratory,spine related all kinds of problems relieves high blood pressure, neck, back problems. It makes body Ketogenic triggering growth hormones and cell detox and repair hormones that conserves energy by bringing the centre of mass close to the centre of gravity. Sleeping on it for 3 nights will improve blood pressure, rest heart rate, detoxification, and digestion. It makes you feel light and rejuvenated in the morning.

With the modern missionary of high tonnage hydraulic presses, compression of coconut coir, used for thousands of years in India, is possible.