HGH Activator

HGH Activator – Quantity  (300 grams)




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HGH Activator – Quantity  (300 grams)


Human Growth Hormone is a master regulator of all organs and glands.   The modern life style reduce the growth hormone across all genders and age group ,  thus resulting in metabolic disorder such as obesity, stunted growth among children, poor memory, poor bone density etc.


HGH activator, a bio peptide, increases lean mass, decreases adiposity, slows down Autophagy and apoptosis. It stimulates protein anabolism in many tissues, maintains blood glucose within normal range and enhances the utilization of fat in adipocytes. Those who want to loose fat, lean people, celiac patients, it’s just a miracle. For children aged above 8 years, it is excellent for brain and body growth.


(Adults) Add 2 scoops in 200 ml of water and take once in a day (Children up to 15 years of age) Add 1 scoop in 100-150 ml of water

It is a must for every one,  it should be used only for 3 months in one year.

Caution:   HGH activator is not suggested for cancer patients.

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