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AMPK Activator – 90 Capsules

AMPK Activator – 90 Capsules




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AMPK Activator – Quantity 90 Capsules


AMP activated protein kinase is an enzyme that plays role in cellular energy homeostasis largely to activate glucose and  fatty acid uptake & oxidation when cellular energy is low.


AMPK activator is Kinase mechanism which has m-TOR activity and is a reductase. It is for beta oxidation, protein synthesis and mitochondrial bio-synthesis and is a master regulator for m-RNA function, messenger for RNA/DNA and ribosome RNA. AMPK activator regulates circadian rhythm interference with mRNA thereby mitochondria. It can effectively address the problems of weight loss, cholesterol, diabetes and immunity. It burns the sugar inside the cell resulting in experiencing hunger. Cancer cell count will come down because they are deprived of glucose. It is purely herbal. It helps in anti-senescecne activity as it removes toxins and cleanses the cells.


Morning 1 capsule & Evening 1 capsule.

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