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Spice Super Greens

Mineral and Protein rich chlorophyll



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Product Name: Spice Super Greens

Quantity:  300 grams


These Greens are specially processed using super critical carbon dioxide extraction, the sophisticated way fortifying the plant or herbal nutrients without any signature of solvent.  The extracts are forensic of fresh ingredients in fortified form.  This drink completely detoxes liver, kidney, skin , lymphatic and gastro intestinal system in 21 days precisely.  It restores cell rejuvenation systems and works as anti aging.

One can immediately feel the difference soon after drinking while walking, exercising or performing any activity. Unlike problems with ordinary greens, with added spice extracts it prevents excess heat production, bloating and nausea kind of feeling.  The synergy helps in quick quick and complete absorption of plat protein and all other nutrients.  Its more powerful than drinking fresh fruit or greens drink in term of nutrients densification and absorption.


Boosts Hemoglobin and Iron

Boosts mental performance

Boosts muscle building

100% conversion of entire nutrition

Body feels super light and energetic

Purifies liver and kidney

Breaks the stubborn fat


Add one scoop in hot water,  drink in the morning and evening.

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