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Detergent Powder – For all kinds of Washing Machines and Clothes Wash for Front and Top load and Manual



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Product Name:  Vastra Shodini Churna

Quantity:  10 Kilograms


This Natural detergent powder has properties of both soap and detergent, thus exerts complete cleansing action against water and oil soluble stains, impurities, dirt and dust particles. The natural enzymes play vital enzymatic action in digesting all kinds of impurities irrespective of whether they carbohydrate, fat or protein, since it contains finest scientific based blend of all kinds of enzymes that are natural.

This detergent with soft natural powders of saponines from plant source and fatty acid sources C10 and C12 with various combinations of stereates and glycinates. Plant glycosides and non volatile compounds from plants are amphiphatic complex of glycosides, steroids and triterpenoids in nature, thus exerts super detergent action.

This aglycone is designated to genin or saponin which are covalently bound to one or more sugar moieties, polar molecules. Due to combinations of a hydrophobic aglycone back bone and hydropholic sugar molecules, saponines are strong surface -active compounds. This powder, thus exerts detergent, wetting, foaming and emulsifying properties.

Also these natural detergent compounds of this wash powder offer a diverse range of properties such as pharmacological, haemolytic, antibiotic, insecticidal and molluscicidalactivities.

Unlike chemical detergents, this contains phytoanticipins or phytoprotactants, that perform biological properties of cleanse and anti microbial.


Total stains remover.

Clears all kinds of oil and grease.

Non foaming surfactant for clearing small and big size dirt particles.

For bright, shining and soft clothes.

Herbal based non chemical anti corrosive wash powder which does not cause wear and tear of the clothes.

Clothes will be nourished.

Natural Digestive Enzyme.


Add churna liberally.


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