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Kashmiri Mamra Almonds 500 Grams

Worlds best & sweetest Almonds with highest linoleic acid & good fatty compounds




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Product Name:  Kashmiri Mamra Almonds 500 grams

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World best almonds from Srinagar.  It is one of the sweetest almonds.

It has highest level of linoleic acid and good fatty acids

It is far superior in terms of quality, nutritional value and taste compared to any other almonds on the earth.

These almonds unlike other almonds would be lean, small , curve shaped almonds (like half moon shape), dry & wrinkled skin –  which all indicates its best quality features.


Taking handful /one ounce/25 to 30 high quality Almonds daily has scientifically proven

  1. Helps regulating and managing LDL, HDL and triglycerides levels
  2. Helps regulating blood sugar level
  3. Helps regulating blood pressure
  4. Helps regulating and managing cardiovascular diseases
  5. Prevents heart related ailments
  6. Very good source of Vitamin E
  7. Helps and prevents arthritis , inhibit cancer cell growth and decrease Alzheimer’s risk
  8. Prevents hunger and helps weight loss/weight management
  9. Best source of Fiber, Protein & Magnesium

The list goes on, it can be pillar of your good health.


Almonds must be roasted before consumption or before using in any kind of recipes

  1. Munching roasted almonds as daily snacks is the best
  2. Making porridge
  3. Almonds flour can be mixed in milk for kids

these are just few, many other delicious recipes can be made.

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