Anti Blue Ray Sheet ( 3 Layer Composite PET Material)



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Product Name:  Anti Blue Ray Sheet ( 3 Layer Composite PET Material)

Quantity:  1 quantity = 1 Square meter and in multiple of the same.    Example:  If any one wish to buy 3 square meter, select 3 as quantity.  We shall give 3 Square meter as one single piece

Description & Usage:

This is a multi purpose premium anti blue ray sheet.    This is to save your eyes from exposure to harmonious radiation and lighting whether house lights (LED, CFL and other lights), Computer screens, TV Screens, Mobile Phone Screens, any other screen or lights which our eyes get exposed.  This can also very well be used for Car windshield

Technical Specification :

LayerMaterialThickness (µm)Description
Layer 1PET protective film60Two layer PET protective film


Layer 2



Optical PET layer




Main layer consists of

(1:PET hard coating —100µm

2: eyeO2 patented film—60µm 3:Silicone adhesive—20µm)

Layer 3PET release film50PET release film
Total thickness290.00 ± 4%

The PET material meets all the specifications mentioned in relevant International standards:


ItemStandard dataTest dataUnitTest method
Material thickness160160µm 

Micrometer gauge

Silicone adhesive


Adhesion force g/50mm1212gFINAT-1 180°
Degumming testNoneNone3MP SOP-T0012
Pencil hardness test≥3H3hASTM D3363-74
Fog degree Haze%55%ASTM D 1003
Cross cut test100 / 100ASTM D 3359
Total light transmittance8888%ASTM B1003
RainbowMicro scaleNone
    Other Benefits:

  1. 100% prevents 380-410 nm high energy short wave blue light emitted by the screens of mobiles, computers, television, CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent lamps), Fluorescent tube lights, LED lights etc… prevents blue light from harming retina and avoids macular degeneration.
  2. Effectively filters light of the various wavelengths, avoid lens mutation, protects eyes from cataracts and myopia (inability to see the things clearly unless they’re relatively close to eyes. Also called nearsightedness or shortsightedness) deepening.
  3. Prevents skin from chloasma (The condition causes dark, discolored patches on the skin), freckles and wrinkles stimulated by UV Max (High energy short wave blue light)
  4. 100% blocks UV 400 from any light source (including UVA and UVB rays, which we can’t see it, UV light penetrates Earth’s atmosphere and reaches the skin and eyes in the form of UVA and UVB waves) & prevents eye fatigue.
  5. Can be used for car front and rear view glass to avoid excessive heating of car internals due to sun light/UV radiation. Filters the light/glare from head lamps of opposite vehicles in the night (film may be applied from inside for durability).

Key points:

  1. Before ordering the film,  take measurement of gadgets, TV etc for which film is being ordered to get exact requirement of size.
  2. While pasting the film on gadgets , please use hair dryer while placing the film on screen slowly from one corner to all sides, keep blowing the hair dryer before pasting the film.  That way air bubbles can be avoided.
  3. While cutting the film in to screen size,  ensure to take slightly lesser size – so that it fits within corners of the gadget screen.

Additional information

Weight5000 g