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Pure Forest Amla Powder




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Product Name:  Pure Forest Amla Powder

Quantity:   500 grams


It is pure Amla powder sourced from forest grown Amla.   Which is rich in Vitamin C and can give a great taste to all your recipes which requires sour taste to be added.   It greatly helps maintaining acidity level in your stomach and helps digestion related problem.

Amla is basically an alkaline food, so it helps to balance the stomach acid levels and make the gut alkaline. An alkaline gut is essential for overall health and vitality

Benefits & Usage:

As it is rich source of Vitamin C  and Alkaline in nature – which is vital for health and to boost immunity and metabolism.   It is always advised to make this part of our daily intake.  You can use this in various forms,  few suggested form are

  1. Simply replace Amla powder in place of Tamarind in kitchen for all your cooking purpose which requires sour taste to be added
  2.  Make it a paste by mixing with honey and have it directly to give daily vitamin C dosage
  3. You can also sprinkle it on other suitable food items and have it

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Weight500 g