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Traditional Kashmiri Gulkand – 2 KG



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Product Name:   Traditional Kashmiri Gulkand

Quantity:  2 KG


This Gulkand- Rose Petal Jam is  prepared in Kashmir from spring chaitri – Pink colored  Damascas variety of wild Rose petals  which is a traditional ayurveda recipe for cooling down the body and calming down the mind for thousands of years.

Organic sugar is used for this Gulkand, along with Damascas Rose Petals from Kashmir.

It is full of Flavonoids, Poly Phenolic  & Phenolic compounds


Problems  like fatigue, mental stress, lethargy, aches, muscle pain, reduces acidity and stomach heat and is also effective in reducing burning sensation in soles and palms thus proving to be a cooling tonic for your body for all seasons and for all ages. It protects from Sunstroke, nose bleeds even in hot bodies and hot summers. A Powerful Antioxidant in treating mouth ulcers, teeth and gums and also improves eye sight and distresses eye. Calms down nervous system , boosts energy and rejuvenates the body.

Improves memory and purifies blood,liver and lymphatic system. Good for enhanced digestion and addressing skin related problems .

Takes care problems related to skin, itching, boils, blisters, etc



It can be an excellent choice of jam for morning bread toast.

Gulkand can be eaten as such and great desert after your meal.

Gulkand Ice cream/Gulkand kulfi, milkshake, murabba, jam, pan ladoo (mouth freshener)

Sweets like Kaju Gulkand Barfi, Gulkand rose ladoo, Gulkand  phirni can be made. Gulkand can also be included as fillings in cakes and puddings.

Note:  Mix it well before serving

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