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Lemon Fragrance

All in one liquid – Floor Wash, Dish Wash And Cloth Wash



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Product Name:  Tala, Patila, Vastra Shodini

Quantity:  5 Litres


Nature is perfect example of self cleanse and anyone understands the science that exists un parallel tries to make best use of it. So also this multipurpose complete natural wash made from powerful ingredients sourced from natural alkali, acid, fats and oils.  This complete chemical free wash protects your floor, dishes and clothes and you and your family from any kind obnoxious gases and byproducts released within four walls of your home. In terms of its efficiency, you will find your utensils or kitchen ware never  sparkled previously with best of dish washing liquids. All that required of 1/3rd quantity of any dish wash liquid in the market. So also this liquid in your washing machine leaves your clothes super clean, soft and white. Your floor would never would have shined earlier but with this liquid the story is different as it not only shines but makes the floor super smooth, when you touch the floor after cleaning with this liquid. Just check the platform surface of the kitchen after cleaning with this liquid. It is concentrated form and all that is required is very less quantity.


For clean and super shine floor of granite, marble, ceramic and wood

Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal, Anti Termite

Anti Parasite, Anti Insect and Anti Viral

For sparkling surfaces of utensils and kitchen ware

Removes stain, dirt and dullness of any kind of clothes

Super white and super gentle for clothes of all kinds

Protects surfaces and clothes


Do not dilute with water while using, wet the item (vessel / plate / tumbler / dish) with water and then use 1 drop on the item or use 1 drop on the scrubber per item and then clean the item.

Can be used for cars, glass, can be used on everything other than laptops or any other electronic items

Never collect it into a small cup / tumbler by diluting with water as dilution nullifies the surfactant effect of the Shodini as it dilutes the ability to penetrate for the reason that the ionic activity is taken away.

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