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Amla Kshayani

Stomach pH Regulator




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Product Name:. Amla Kshayani – Stomach pH Regulator

Quantity: 300 gms

Description: Amla Kshayani is made ready from top quality herbs to give future soothing effect in acidity, bloating and burning sensation. This is powder is best suitable Ayurvedic formulation for those with digestive issues. Provides acidity relief to those effected by poor diet, overeating, reflux and gastric problems. Safe Ayurvedic formulation for gas which give instant and future effects.


Zeroes Gastric Reflux

Helps overcome intestinal disorders

Helps overcome Gastritis

Helps overcome hyper acidity

Helps overcome Indigestion

Recommended Dosage:

Half an hour before meal for acidity and bloating. Two teaspoons twice each day in water is suggested to urge the simplest results.

It is recommended to consume Amla Kshayani Powder everyday for future benefits. However daily consumption doesn’t make one habitual.

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