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Joint Pain Remedy

Instant Relief from Joint Pain

Restores health of Cartilage in joints



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Product Name:  Joint Pain Remedy

Quantity:  500 grams


Joint Health depends on health of ligaments, tendons, bursae, synovial fluid regeneration  capacity, health of synovial membrane that decides the health of cartilages etc.   Every joint in the body, especially needs highest level of required nutrition since, they are under tremendous strain during the day.  Which means continuous inflammation that needs to be converted in to healthy growth of every cell type in a joint.  It is highly nutrient intensive process , Amino Acids like L-Proline, L-Glycin, Leucine, Taurine and Valine play crucial role to initiate rebuilding the joint for better release of osteao blasts to regeneration of osteocytes.   Requires Magnesium, Algal DHA, Sr. Calcium, Orotate, Vitamin D3, Glucose Amine sulphate, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, diacerein, colleagen type 1 and 3,  Vitamin B, B3, B6 etc.   When all these nutrients are available with natural cell repairing phyto concentrates of frankincense, xanthum gum, fructo oligo poly saccharides etc would initiate messenger RNA’s to perform the job.


  1. Instant Relief from Pain
  2. Restores Healthy Cartilage
  3. Repairs Synovial membrane
  4. Synovial fluid replacement
  5. It works excellent for intensive sport activities or strong joints and enable performance at different level due to ability.  also the formula naturally repairs the joint to keep it functional for optimal performance.


Mix 2 scoops of Joint Pain Remedy in Somarasa ( preferably ) sweet or neutral flavors, ( avoid citric flavor somarasa for this mix) and drink 2 times a day.


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