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Dhadhi Churna

A2-Gir Cow Curd Powder



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Product Name:  Dhadhi Churna

Quantity:  300 grams


The modern living, exercises, work with stress, excess feeding or nutrition products excess pitta/heat making body dehydrate very often.  Since ancient times the well known practice is to dilute cultured and fermented milk turned curd in to butter milk and drink.  Its known for high protein that resist stomach acid helps in GERD and hyper acidity, gastritis etc.  This curd powder produced by traditional India Bilona method contains many active bio peptides naturally engineered to cools down the body and balances the intestinal microbiome.  Helps in solving problems of intestinal gut leak syndrome etc.  It is very low fat supplement to dissolve excess fat of liver and abdomen.  Helps in lowering cholesterol and  triglycerides.

Better to use it as post meal drink or as  hot or cool beverage.   It can be added to any drink as an additive, but adds its own flavor, that one should aware.


Solution for all gut problems

Controls excess heat

Cools down the body, calms down the mind

Sets intestinal microbiome

Controls hyper acidity

Good for solving liver problems


Two or three scoops in 300 ml cold /boiling water/any beverage two to three times a day.   Suggested to consume one hour or two hours post breakfast, post lunch , post supper.

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