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Dried Milk Powder



Prepared from pure Indian A2 GIR cow’s milk.

A2 milk is easier to digest and healthier than other milk



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Dried Milk Powder  – Quantity (400 grams)


A2 milk powder has lower lactose proportion which helps people with high lactase deficiency to consume this milk and helps improve digestion.

A2 milk can be compared with ease to mother’s milk, it contributes in building immunity, enhancing metabolism and in catering Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids helps with the mental growth, development and well being as lactase deficiency is becoming quite common among infants and adults.

As this A2 powdered milk product is rich in calcium components it helps in high density of strengthening bones. Generally the milk component aside from protein robs calcium from the milk which is that the key ingredient within the nourishment and growth of bones. The good calcium fuss as faced by many vegetarians is that they have very less options of calcium and protein supplement. A2 powdered milk is a rich source of calcium and vitamin D diluting the ill-effects of conventional milk and allied allergies stimulating immunity, digestion.


Helps in muscle repair and increases stamina

Instantly soluble and offer great taste

Immunity booster & increases memory

It helps slow down the ageing process

It keeps your body fat-less & cholesterol-less

Usage and Preparation

Step 1 – Take a clean vessel

Step 2 – Add 900ml of water heat it until lukewarm

Step 3 – Take off the flame

Step 4 – Add 100 gms milk powder to the water

Step 5 – Stir vigorously until the powder dissolves

Step 6 – Use the milk for any of your beverages and sweets

Use our whole powdered milk for baking, cooking, cereal, coffee, tea, and other recipes.

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Weight400 g