Borage Oil

Borage Oil can be used internally and externally.

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15 ml

High Pure

Essential Oil

Ayurvedic Oil

Therapeutic Grade

Borage oil is an extract made from the seeds of the Borago officinalis plant. Borage oil contains high gamma linoleic acid (GLA) content.


Helps reduce inflammation, acne, breast pain, cardiovascular disease, eczema, menopause, rosacea, arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Reduce inflammation tied to skin diseases and cardiovascular issues. Acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that can be beneficial for people with atopic dermatitis.

Usage and Dosage:

Dilute 2-3 drops with 10-15 ml of coconut oil and apply to skin. Mix up to 12 drops per one 30 ml of almond, or olive oil before use. Apply the oil to the affected area in a thin layer twice a day.

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Weight15 g

15 ml